Staff Training - Corporate Social Responsibility

First - Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism, namely corporate oversight to ensure compliance, ethical standards and international legal norms mental activity. Goal of corporate social responsibility is the responsibility of the company's operations to embrace and encourage a positive environment through their activities affect consumers, employees, and all other members of the public domain.

Corporate social responsibility is to help an organization's mission and guide the company said it would stick to its consumers. Development of business ethics is a form of applied ethics discusses the ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a commercial environment. ISO26000 is the recognized international standards of corporate social responsibility. Public sector organizations adhere to the triple bottom line. It is widely believed that adhere to corporate social responsibility similar principle, but no formal legislation. UN investment principles to guide the development of the responsibility for the investment entity.

Second - The Company

Ou Ou Wenzhou City Optical Co., Ltd., was founded in 1998 BC. The company's main activity is the manufacture of all the different types of optical frames, kids reading frame, frames, and sunglasses. All products sold around the world. In addition, we have established a strong reputation of our brands in a variety of markets, we have our own quality control and R & D department to assist us. We focus on the quality of the product quality nickel, aluminum, memory metal, plastic and stainless steel, and other new materials, and continuously on the market. Ca Mau optics company's goal is to show posters and trends in the local market, we are committed to bringing the latest products and models in the market has always been innovative in our approach.

Third - The Company Benefits

1.Increase productivity

2.Reducing waste and defects

3.Improve business efficiency

4.Improve the quality of

5.Reduce consumption and waste costs

Fourth - Staff Training

Staff training modern human resources management is very important. For example, an enterprise is competitive, which is dependent on the employees of the company have the ability to compete or not, and to find whether the staff has a strong ability to work. As a result, the company through staff training, improve knowledge workers to help them improve their market. Talent is the most basic and most important company resources for a company, how can the employees to become professionals, this will be the most important, long-term relationship with the company is also a long-term development.

Fifth - The Potential Development

Development - career planning focus, discover and foster potential employees, their professional quality

The three levels of integration with each other to form a layer of essential progressive relationship. Staff through training to master the basic service skills, job classes stare first, it normally takes 1-2 weeks to do the training to master; basic concepts and knowledge services, so that employees continue to progress normally takes 1 - 3 months time, the application of new employees actively period; growing staff discovered the potential of employees to help them analyze the characteristics for this job, or a promotion or transfer Kong, together with the staff of my career designs typically require 1-2 years .

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